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AöW - A strong Partner for local Water Management by the Public Authorities

The Allianz der öffentlichen Wasserwirtschaft e.V. (AöW) is the representation of interests of public water management in Germany. Founded in the year 2007, our members come from all federal states. The AöW is an alliance of institutions governed by public law and companies of water supply, wastewater disposal as well as river basin management performing their service exclusively themselves or by means of independent institutions in organisational forms governed by public law. We represent our members interests in a capital agency in Berlin. From this location, we come in contact with government representatives, delegates, specialists and also with journalists, in order to promote our objectives. We are present at trade fairs, we give information through publications and call attention to the problems and demands of local water management by the public authorities.

German Water – High Quality and fair Prices  

The profiles, results and key performance indicators illustrates the potential and the economic efficiency of German water management. Around 60 % of drinking water consumers and around 90 % of wastewater disposers are communities, public companies and associations. It explains the fact that public water management in Germany is safe, fine and low-priced. 

As an example, 500,000 km of wastewater pipes and 10,000 sewage plants, which guarantee a supply and disposal without discontinuities, are in charge of the safety. The quality e.g. expresses itself by the fact that there is no country in Europe with less loss of pipes in the drinking water network and that the sewage plants provide the best cleaning efficiency of 97 %. The price of our water is low. Per person, we use an average of 20 cents for water and 30 cents for wastewater a day. High standards are imposed especially in terms of safety and quality of supply and disposal, customer service and sustainability.  

Water supply and wastewater disposal are basic tasks of the public services of general interest and within the competence of the municipalities. These make the strategical decisions on organisational forms, participations and cooperations. By means of this successful management the German water management is exemplary and competitive on an international level. At the same time it is in a permanent process of modernisation. The aim is to maintain and further develop the high standards and keep the prices stable at the same time. Benchmarking is thereby an important instrument by means of which potentials of improvement, that in the end benefit the citizens, can be recognised inside the companies. 

German water management continues to invest in networks and plants, renaturing of waters and climate protection. With total investments of more than a 100 billion € since 1990, German water management is one of the biggest clients of the private industry, because planning and construction of the plants are contracted out to a great extent. 

AöW – Our main Demands  

Wastewater disposal is in Germany an obligation of the State plus an official activity and therefore has so far been tax-exempt with respect to services of general interest. The consumers must be spared from increases in price of 20 % and more. No tax on wastewater.   

Cooperations of public companies must be faciliated and should not be limited. There is no possibility of choice of service providers for direct consumers of drinking water and ‘producers’ of wastewater. Privatisation would replace a public monopoly by a private monopoly. Private monopolies should be rejected. The access to water and the ecological, responsible handling of wastewater up to the recirculation in the hydrological cycle must remain the citizens concern, embedded in the further tasks of the municipal services of general interest.

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